Bookmarks tags in Brave


Is there a way to add tags to book marks
as can be done in browsers using ctl-D to add a tag
thank you in advance

(I searched for this topic and found 1 post for a feature request)


you can use ctrl-D to make a bookmark. You also can go to the hamburger menu in the top right corner and go to bookmarks->bookmark this page. hope this helps

EDIT: THIS IS WRONG. Read post bellow vvvv


Hi @siemowit,
No. There’s no way to add bookmark tag for now. Logged issue here



Does anyone know a work-around solution for this?
In other browsers, it is a very convenient way to find web pages,
by searching on one’s own key word category or “tag.”

How can this be done in Brave browser, is there any way?
thanks in advance