Bookmark Sidebar, sorting and tags

I love Brave but am frustrated at it’s bookmarks, which takes up so much of my time trying to do something.
Can I request:

  1. A bookmark sidebar . This makes it so much easier to use bookmarks very quickly. ie in the mornings I go to several weather forecasts. In firefox I have bookmark sidebar open and showing so I can see and simply ctrl click each one. In Brave I have to click on bookmark folder, scroll down to country folder scroll down to weather folder then click - and I have to do that for each bookmark. VERY time consuming and that is just one example.

  2. Bookmark sorting . I ensure my bookmarks are named how I want to find/sort them, and it would be so good to be able to click and have all bookmarks sort alphabetically (as Firefox does).

  3. Tags Firefox allows you to add a tag to a bookmark - which I find invaluable for bookmarks that are sort of same subject but in different folders.

Thank you for listening!