How do you create your own 'tags' in community posts?


How can you add your own ‘tags’ to community posts? Or can’t you?

There seems to be an option to ‘create’ a tag, but anything typed becomes a search spec for a match. If the tag doesn’t already exist, a ‘no matches found’ message is returned. So how do you ‘create’ one?

The default group of tags sure doesn’t cover all the bases.


That’s something that Mods/admins can do. Letting everyone create their own can get out of control pretty quickly :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you tell me what tags you have in mind and which categories they should be applied to? I’m happy to consider adding more if they’re relevant and desired.
Let me know!


I was wondering about the same thing, cause I was trying to add tags specific to the topic I was creating at the time and was very limited on what tags to use. Using “brave” or obvious tags don’t help anyone and it doesn’t allow users to search via tags for specific issues they’re having. Of course most all topics are about brave because it’s the brave support forum lol. Not all users experience the same issues or whatever and it would be nice to narrow down similar topics to your own, by the tags on topics. Like; “update”, “uninstall”, “windows 7”, “windows”, “linux”, “fedora”, “ubuntu”, “arch”, “void”, “artix”, etc etc or more specific issues that not everyone has. If users can add their own tags based on the issue and the OS they’re using at the time, and I had issue with same OS/distro as 10 other people, I could narrow down my searches dramatically.


Thanks, I’ll start compiling a list & get back to you.

I think most recently I had just wanted to add ‘bookmark’ (or ‘bookmarks’) to my post on that topic.

Also, a ‘news’ tag/category for my post about Gab apparently intending to fork Brave to create its own browser.

Offhand, having tags for all major categories & sub-categories, more or less corresponding to browser (&/or Brave-specific) features (‘bookmarks’ being one), seems like a good idea.

But it’s also possible that most of what ‘tags’ achieve can be duplicated just by doing a site search.

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