Bookmarks quick access button

I’m just discovering Brave and I love it, but one thing is annoying: there is no button to quick access the bookmarks. It’s so obvious I’m really surprised it has not been added already.
The bookmark bar takes space and is ugly, I don’t want to use it.

Actually, the button on the left that adds the current tab to bookmarks should be it, like in Edge (in Edge it’s on the right side but whatever): click it and your bookmarks menu opens, and at the top of it is the option to create a bookmark.
Much more convenient than digging in the main menu!


Why not add an extension like this one

or this one

Thanks for the ideas but none of them are ideal solutions.

Shortcut: most people don’t ever use shortcuts. I do for certain things, but this is too frequent for me to be happy about hitting a shortcut every time I want to reach a bookmark. Besides but I’m on a Mac, and in this case the shortcut requires 2 hands.

Extensions: I like installing as little extensions as possible, at least not unnecessary ones. Yes this would work but I’ve seen many people request that same thing, so I don’t understand what’s keeping the devs from adding that button. This makes no sense. It’s like having to install an extension in order to have a reload button.
Just make it possible to hide it via a toggle in the settings.