Need Open Stored Bookmark Menu Button in toolbar

I can add a bookmark via a button on my toolbar. Why can’t I access the menu for the bookmarks right near there?

Yes, I know I can make a Bookmarks menu show on the next line by choosing Show Bookmarks. That’s almost an acceptable workaround, but the problem is that it wastes a bunch of vertical space.

Please just give us an optional e.g. star icon to open the user-stored Bookmarks submenu and put it next to the little bookmark icon, or possibly subdivide the bookmark icon to a submenu into “Bookmark this page” and “Open stored bookmark”. I can’t be the only one with enough important bookmarks to want to organize them hierarchically into a menu.


Agreed, that would be a nice option. Not sure if there’s a way to do this with the ‘stock’ browser (i.e., maybe with extensions). But if you are into keyboard shortcuts, you can get to Bookmarks pretty quickly thru Alt+F, b, Enter.

Dealbreaker, back to Firefox.

The Brave browser needs more Firefox features and a real Toolbar!
They need to get rid of the Google crap!!! It is the worst for navigation!