Bookmarks keep importing from Chrome

Something strange started happening today. Brave Bookmarks keep growing. Originally I imported my bookmarks from Chrome. No issues for at least a week but today, when I went into Brave, my bookmarks were re-arranged. Looking closer, I pull down the bookmark menu and it appears my bookmarks are being imported from Chrome over and over again. I cleaned them all up, got rid of a lot… and now they are all back and the list is growing again, even the ones I deleted (which are still in Chrome). Very strange and unusable. Also, when I pull down the bookmark menu and start to scroll, it disappears… stays up for like… 5 or so seconds. Help!

Is your Brave installation part of a Sync chain? If so, it could be syncing with other devices on the chain which did have those bookmarks present during last sync, which is why they keep reappearing.

Thanks so much for the reply. I thought of Sync and maybe somehow it’s doing something. Checked, and although I do have Brave on my phone and PC, I have never started a Sync between the two (that I’m aware of)… I go into Sync on the PC and it just asks if I want to start a new sync chain and no reference to an existing chain. My drop down bookmarks list is getting pretty long. Interesting though, one behaviour has settled down - I mentioned I couldn’t have the drop down open for more than about 5 sec… now it stays open when I select. So strange. Also, so far… my top visible bookmark items have “stuck” whereas before, the “new” bookmarks were appearing at the top of the list… so now they are being added to the bottom (or at least, not at the top). Love this browser so hopefully a solution can be found or this behaviour somehow stops. Thanks again!

Yeah this is very strange behavior. Let me reach out to some team members and see if anyone else has seen this behavior before.

Can you confirm that you imported your Chrome bookmarks initially via the option in Menu --> Bookmarks --> Import bookmarks and settings?

I’m also curious if you have any extensions installed at this time?

Right! Yes, imported using menu-bookmarks-import… Add to the behaviour, just opened Chrome on my PC (have not used it much at all since Brave installed) and the bookmarks are messed up there now, large list with repeats throughout. I can find in the list (as I could with Brave) where my “Top” bookmarks were. It’s like the two apps are talking to each other - LOL… fighting for my loyalty maybe?

And Chrome App extensions.

From Brave - I guess the extensions ported over

I think this is likely at the root of the issue. Can you please try disabling these extensions and test to see if the behavior stops?

Will do, later tonight. Thanks! Will report back findings. Cheers!

Hi again… well, that’s what’s doing it. The extensions. I played around with it and determined that both the iCloud Bookmarks extension AND the Chrome Remote Desktop extensions that were causing the issues. The Rakuten and StartPage extensions appear to be ok. Thanks so much for your help!


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You’re very welcome!

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