Unable to Create New Bookmarks

I recently migrated from Chrome to Brave, but had downloaded and setup Brave a few months ago, importing my bookmarks then. I imported my newer bookmarks, but they did not update and continue to be the bookmarks from months ago, meaning they’re missing any new ones from the last few months.

So as I notice one, I’ve tried to simply add it manually, but in doing so nothing happens. The new bookmark is simply not added to the folder I placed it in when I go back to look at it or use it. Just nothing. I’ve tried multiple times to add the same bookmark, and have tried it with several different ones, too. Any ideas?

Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The very first thing I would recommend is updating to the latest version of the browser. You’re showing that you are running version 1.5.123 – the most recent release is v1.18.70.

Worth a try. So I updated Brave, but that didn’t change anything. However, in the process, I think I solved the problem, which naturally created a new problem. So it looks like when I imported my newer bookmarks it didn’t overwrite the older ones, instead creating a whole new folder it named “Imported from Chrome” that includes ALL of my more recent bookmarks that I tried to update on Brave but left the old ones intact, essentially giving me two sets of bookmarks, with the ones I want harder to get to.

I’m going to look into the importing issue. However, for the sake of getting your Bookmarks into Brave as you want them, I would recommend a fresh start by deleting all bookmarks in Brave and then importing manually:

  1. If desired, clear all Brave bookmarks so you are starting with a clean slate.
  2. In Chrome, go to Settings --> Bookmarks --> More options --> Export and export all your Chrome bookmarks as an .html file.
  3. Go to Brave, then Settings --> Bookmarks --> More Options --> Import and import your Chrome bookmarks this way.

You should get an exact copy of your Chrome bookmarks in Brave.

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