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Adding/deleting/changing/re-naming a bookmark does not '‘stick’. It will revert back either nearly immediately or after closing and re-opening Brave. Brave will also re-order bookmarks seemingly at random. I have various folders/categories and I keep the items in those folders listed alphabetically, and just randomly they will reverse or scramble. At first I thought it was because I had Brave open on other devices and the sync was reverting that way. But I have now made sure that Brave is not open on any other devices. (I have Brave installed on my phone, my laptop and my PC and I have synced them.)

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I bookmark a page and later it is gone. I try to rename an already existing bookmark and it reverts back to the old name. I try to re-order bookmarks on my bookmarks bar and they re-re-order themselves back again.

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Not really possible or helpful in this situation.

Reproduces how often:
Every time.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Brave is up to date

Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

This is getting to be such a big issue that I am considering trying another browser. I keep trying to fix this issue and put my bookmarks back into some semblance of order, but at this point, they are hopelessly scrambled from what they were originally and each attempt to re-order them seems to make things worse.


Sad it is not just me, I have done the same, rename and sort bookmarks only to find them revert. I also deleted all my old bookmarks on my laptop in the hope it would synch from my desktop. It did which is great but it then sent the bookmarks back to my desktop, so now I have 2 identical copies of my bookmarks on my desktop which is just stupid.

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Yeah, my husband is experiencing that. So far, I’m not plagued by multiple duplicates. The whole thing is just wonky. >_<

I’m running into a similar frustration, where my bookmark bar is littered with duplicates of bookmarks and folders of bookmarks.

This problem just started in the last few days. Not sure what prompted it, but if it doesn’t get untangled soon, it definitely is frustrating enough to make a browser change a possibility… :frowning:

I am having this exact same issue. It started about 2 weeks ago, seemed to go away for a bit, and now came back tonight.

Unfortunately it is one of those small but important details that makes me reconsider using Brave, at least while they get these bugs ironed out.

Hello everyone,
Can you all tell me whether or not you’ve using Sync and/or if you’ve added your browser to a Sync chain?

Not sure if that was directed to me, but as I said in my OP, I do have sync enabled and my sync chain consists of my PC, my laptop and my mobile (Blackberry with Android environment) phone. See OP for more details.

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I am convinced it’s a sync issue. Once I turned that off, all bookmarks issues went away.

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It was directed at every/anyone in the thread – apologies that I missed the sync portion of your initial post. That said, the reason I brought it up is because when you have devices on the Sync chain, if a change is detected in one device it should be reflected on the other devices.

That said, if there is a change on a device and that change is (for whatever reason - working on figuring this out) not detected, the next time the Sync chain updates, it will seem as though it "reverted’ your changes back to what they were but in reality, they’re just updating to what the Sync chain believes is the most recent update.

To confirm: Remove [one of your devices] from the Sync chain, make a change and confirm that the change does not revert.

Nope. That doesn’t work. As I said in my OP, I tried that. Also, the changes that take place spontaneously have absolutely nothing to do with any manual changes made to any of the devices in the sync chain. For instance, spontaneous reordering of formerly alphabetized folders. Then there is the case where editing the name of a bookmark or folder just reverts back to what it was (won’t stick). This happens even if I am logged out of all other devices/instances of Brave. It happens if all other devices are unlinked from the sync chain. These problems are literally happening of their own volition.

Exact same issue here.

Simple additions to the bookmarks Sync fine. Reorganisations of any sort, update to the bookmark name, folder/order changes, and so on, result in git-like merges of the bookmark structure. In fact, today, what prompted me to create this account and search for similar issues - I was literally moving my bookmarks and folders around in the Bookmarks Manager tab, and they were popping back into their previous state right before my eyes. I dragged and dropped the same bookmark into a new folder about five times before giving up and searching for help.

Have removed this device from the Sync chain until I can figure out why it’s doing this.

We really need a “Force push” or “Make all other devices match this one on their next Sync” button, which would clear this entire thing up, when you’re doing big re-organisations that don’t suit a simple metadata/text merge, which is what it appears to be doing behind the scenes in S3/sync code.

A “Pull now” or “Clear local Sync data and re-pull” option would be great also. It really isn’t clear without delving into the Git wiki what is actually happening to the average user.

I had this same issue. I would edit or rearrange bookmarks only to have them immediately go back to their original settings. Just got things to change by exporting the bookmarks, then reimporting the bookmarks and then was able to make all the changes I wanted. Not sure why this mattered, but an export and import then edit and rearragne worked for me. This has to be done on every device in the syn chain. It just started a week or so ago like you guys have said.

This is a common problem with web browsers that offer syncing. When Apple first added iCloud syncing to Safari in 2011, it was quite a big problem. The problem, as @Mattches explained, is that transaction-based syncing can get confused if a critical transaction does not get synced to the cloud for some reason. For example, what if one day you add a new folder, but that folder does not get synced to the cloud, and the next day you add a bookmark to that new folder? The cloud receives a transaction saying “Add this new bookmark B to folder A”, but the cloud does not have folder A. What does the cloud do? It may put the new bookmark in a different folder, which will mess up the index numbers in that folder, and the problem spreads, getting worse with each new transaction.

I advise Safari and Chrome users that the only way to recover from this situation is to remove all items (bookmarks and folders) and start over. This was probably the effect when @Peranha2 did reimporting the bookmarks, and why it worked. To make sure it works, I recommend removing all items from the browser on all synced devices, and waiting overnight (iCloud can be slow) to ensure that none reappear.

If the developers of Brave wish to alleviate this problem and distinguish themselves from other browsers, consider adding a “Reset” button of some kind which would perform this operation in one click – somehow resync all devices from the cloud, or vice versa. Of course, this would need to be explained carefully so that novice users do not get unexpected results. Or maybe there is a way to automatically check in and “reconcile” with the cloud periodically. Downloading even a large collection of 10,000 bookmarks should be a tiny amount of data compared with the ads that come with one Facebook page load nowadays!

It is still true that syncing is hard.

Very similar problems on Linux.

I didn’t get my pay out for using brave in 2 months its really sad whats wrong with this?

@ilovekalentura There are plenty of Threads about that topic, you might want to read them (or open your own with enough information … have you seen ads? does it show pending rewards? When did you earn them? etc.) But this is definitely the wrong thread, it‘s about bookmarks not payments.

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