Add icons/buttons next to the adressbar

yo im new to brave and i just cant figure out how i can add some shortcuts next to the adressbar like in chrome or firefox. I need a button for “search website” “bookmarks” “history” and “downloads” …using the menu is a pain :frowning:

also i’d like to know how i can apply designs downloaded one from chrome web-store but that doesnt seem to work again cant figure out how to use it…

Hi @exxellero, Welcome to Community!
While there is no option to add quick buttons to go to bookmarks or history, there are however keyboard shortcuts to open the respective window.
e.g. Ctrl + H to open history
You could also enable the bookmarks bar and add history (brave://history/) to it, therefore allowing you to click and access history (or downloads or anything else) in one click rather than clicking menu then history

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