Bookmarks cannot be drag and dropped from bookmark toolbar to the ">>" dropdown extension of the bookmark toolbar

I have a LOT of bookmarks. So my bookmark toolbar is very extended. When clicking on the “>>” icon at the far right of the bookmark toolbar, the dropdown opens and the remaining content of my bookmark toolbar are shown. Even the ones which cannot be seen immediately are accessible by taking the mouse pointer to the bottom of that dropdown and then the dropdown scrolls to show the remaining bookmark toolbar contents.

This is helpful, and excellent. It works exactly as it does in Firefox… …almost.

However, when I select a recently added bookmark and wish to drag it to a new location quite a long way down this list, when reaching the bottom of the bookmark toolbar dropdown instead of scrolling down, Brave closes the dropdown and you’re left with a bookmark hanging in mid air with nowhere to go but back to where you started.

The very inconvenient workaround for this is to drag the bookmark as far down the bookmark toolbar dropdown as it visible, leave it there, manually scroll down until the bookmark is at the top of the visible part of the dropdown, then drop it, scroll again, drop again, etc etc until you find the place you wish to put it.

This is highly inefficient, fiddly, time wasting and adds only to bad user experience.

Please can this be fixed so we may drag and drop our bookmarks in one easy flowing motion?

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