Persist bookmark toolbar view when dragging/dropping bookmarks

Upon dragging/dropping a bookmark to another bookmark folder, the current bookmark view disappears and shows the current user their default bookmark view. This results in users having to re-navigate to their desired folder if they are dragging/dropping multiple bookmarks to different bookmark folders, which consumes a lot of time when dragging/dropping several nested bookmarks.

Instead of this behavior, it would be helpful to persist the current bookmark view when dragging/dropping bookmarks. For example: when I drag “bookmark A” into “bookmark folder A”, my view should update the bookmark’s location and display the updated state (instead of reverting to the default bookmark view.) I think Firefox and Chrome have implemented this behavior, but I clearly don’t want to use their products and would rather see it on Brave :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for posting this request greenthread!

This behavior has been driving me crazy too.
Although what I am experiencing seems a bit different.
No matter if I relocate a single bookmark or folder within the main view list, or drag one from or to different folders, the entire bookmark view disappears in every instance once the drag is complete.

Brave powers that Be… please make it so the Bookmark list drop down menu view stays visible, after any rearrangements, until we manually close it or click on a bookmark to open it. Or, please advise me if I am ignorant to a setting that controls this feature.

Brave has become my favorite browser and I appreciate it’s availability. However, it seems odd that this historically common feature behavior is not a part of the experience like it is with many of the other browsers out there.

Thank you for listening!

This problem has been the bane of my existence since I started using Chrome and continues to be a frustration to this day.

I did some searching and the issue was reported in 2008 two weeks after the launch of the beta version of chrome and is still open to this day 15 years later. Currently with 165 users ‘starring’ the issue:

Brave, please try and fix this issue. Managing bookmarks in Chromium based browsers is a horrible experience if you need to move more than a single bookmark, especially with ones that are nested with sub-folders.