Enable bookmark toolbar editing by drag and drop of bookmarks from their current place to a new one within bookmarks toolbar

As the title suggests, the re-ordering of bookmarks, by click + hold + drag and drop, is currently impossible from within the bookmarks toolbar.

It would improve user experience to be able to do this, especially for those of us with a large amount of bookmarks to which we often make changes.

how move bookmarks within folders

you can copy and paste,
e.g.(?) select a whole bunch
[select or highlight ] one at the top of the page
[hold the shift key]
+[ left click ] pick a bookmark at the bottom of the page

you will highlight - all in between
then copy & paste W/ keybrd shortcuts

For more per-sid-tion … Blah
then it’s what ? [ Ctrl + click ] to deselect one at a time
It take practice & some trial and error to make and add to folders
…to do what you want done .

The mouse don’t works at all as you normally expect,
or just delete mistakes wholesale

**be careful not to do what I did early on…
duplicate all of -em **
LOL twice
exponential growth