Bookmarks cannot be added

Description of the issue:
I have about 6 bookmarks, but now Brave mobile android on S8 does not add more bookmarks when selected.

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Does not work Every time

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Android on galaxy S8
Bookmarks page
Brave is updated to the most current version

Additional Information:

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I do appreciate you going back and filling out the template, but I cannot stress enough that the more (often specific) information you give the better.
So what is the exact behavior that happens here? When you try and add a bookmark, what happens? Nothing? Further, how are you trying to add a bookmark on your device? By tapping the bookmark icon or using the menu or by manually adding them on the bookmarks page?

When I try to add a bookmark using the bookmark icon at the bottom of the browser, it turns dark orange as if it is activated, but nothing happens (the bookmark is not added).
Then when I look on the bookmarks page in the menu, I don’t see anything added.

Do you need more information? I would be glad to help as I have switched to your browser and bookmarking is very important to go back and see a page of great interest, etc.

Can you try closing the browser, going to (on your Android device) Settings --> Apps --> Brave --> Storage/Memory (exact path may vary by device) and clear cache for the app, then try again?

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Thanks, looks like clearing cache worked as I added a few bookmarks successfully.

What do we do going forward? Do I need to clear cache periodically or will that be fixed at some point?

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It was probably just some bad data “stuck” in the cache. It may happen again but I wouldn’t pre-occupy yourself thinking about it. But if you see the issue occur again, you at least have a fix.

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