Brave UI: Allow bookmark bar to be placed next to navigation/URL bar

Hello Brave Team and the community.

My feature request/suggestion:
Allow the user to place the bookmark area/bar next to the navigation/URL bar to save height.

I guess this feature is somewhat tricky because it’s not something that is supported out of the Chromium box and it should still respect the show/hide bookmark flag that is bound to the complete bookmark row.


Note that you can use a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the Bookmarks Bar while browsing – ctrl +shift + b or cmd + shift + b for macOS.

Hi @Mattches and thanks for your reply.
Noted, that is two extra actions though (showing and then hiding the bar again).
Another option is to keep the bookmark bar hidden all the times and use the new tab one (one extra user interaction).

Having the option to always display the bookmarks and interact directly without any extra clicks or navigations while not using up the extra height is a more preferred solution in my opinion.