BNB transfer is not showing up in MetaMask Brave extension

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Since I set up Brave wallet and have added the MetaMask extension I have had to continue to use MM because most of the dapps I need to connect to don’t who the Brave wallet option. I did a recent transfer of BNB from a CEX to Brave Metamask extension and it is not appearing in MM. shows that it went onto the blockchain under my MM address. I’ve heard there are issues using MM with the Brave browser (my preferred browser now) and I wonder if it might be due to MM being a Brave extension? I have previously used MM as a Chrome extension without issues. Is there some way to show the BNB transfer? Do I need to do something to prevent this from happening again? Thanks

Additional Information:

You can use the MetaMask option with any Dapp and it should work with Brave Wallet too. This is because Brave Wallet is compatible with MetaMask.

It sounds like you’re actually using MetaMask though so you’d have to contact MetaMask’s support to troubleshoot your issue.

Thank you for your reply. I did another transfer of BNB to my Brave MetaMask extension and it came through this time successfully. As to whether the Brave wallet connects to dapps, I haven’t found that it comes up as an option when I connect to many daps e.g. RAMP, MakiSwap, Pancake Swap. Is there a workaround for this or do we need to wait for dapps to integrate Brave wallet?

Unfortunately only 1 wallet can be the Dapp provider. You can set it to Brave if you want in brave://settings/wallet by changing the default wallet setting.

Setting it to just “Brave Wallet” will make the next tab you open use Brave Wallet and not MetaMask.

I changed the setting to just ‘Brave Wallet’ and tried connecting to which operates on Binance Smart Chain. The Connect Wallet options did not include Brave wallet even though I selected Binance Network. I’ve attached my screenshot. You should try connecting to different dapps and see how you go. Perhaps you’re doing something differently from me?

We’re compatible with MetaMask so you can just use that until Dapps add icons for Brave.

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