Black screen when I search

When I search on brave for anything there is nothing except a black screen

Browser version: 1.25.69


absolutely, i am also facing same problem since last update of brave mobile. unable to search anything due to black screen after search ,resolve this as soon as possible

Facing the same issue. Please resolve this.

I am experiencing the same issue with the app. I have windows 10 and the app is up to date. I really hope that it will be fixed soon.

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Same here.
The issue is when you click it works fine but you cannot see what is loaded.

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Acutely it’s working fine in laptop or PC mostly problem is in android

Multiple threads regarding the same issue. Hopefully will be resolved soon.

What I notice in other threads, as a common thing between threads’ authors, is that they use Brave v.1.25.69 on Android 10. Just sharing that as something I noticed, no clue if it’s related to the issue you guys are experiencing.

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I’m also using Android 10.

thank you very much for this threads my black screen issue is now solved for android

Can you help me a have a similar ptoblem like you how can i fix that ??

Take a look at the threads below, there are instructions that seem to work for some users:

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See the answer here

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