Moto/android May 2021 security update blanks brave browser window- help!

after the update, cannot view main browser page, but the thumbnail view in tabs shows the page, please help, rollback of google webview browser app doesnt help.

Version 1.25.71 , android 10

moto one action

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are you seeing what resemble this?

This issue has been popping up very frequently. The screen is going entirely black.

You will need to:

  1. Open brave in split screen mode

  2. Go to brave://flags

  3. Search for Vulkan

  4. Disable the Vulkan flag

See the post below for a detailed step by step guide with screenshot.

Fixed it, thank you Brave Warriors! So was this a Brave glitch or a result of Google updates that broke something, for posterity. Update
Now, the ‘tab groups’ doesnt work! Any suggestions?

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