Black screen below search window on brave and chrome (after update )

3/7/2019 SAMSUNG j7pro (j730g)
android 8.1.0
samsung experience 9.5
brave application version 1.0.82 chromium 72.0.3626.105

   PROBLEM AS OF A FEW DAYS AGO= after the last update i started getting black screen below the search window when using brave or chrome browser . does not happen when a site loads more quickly, only when it takes approx. 30 seconds to load. (does not happen with google app browser or samsung browser). 

many actions temporarily fix the issue such as tilting the phone to opposite configuration (horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal).

black screen happens during the search process after several seconds. screen turns black under the search window. (not the whole screen).

i have no screensaver, no screen protector, timeout is set for 10 minutes.
i have tried different wallpaper, made no difference.

note= i have seen it suggested in another forum that there may be a setting in “chrome://flags” that may relate to this issue. that suggestion
was referred to as “delegated renderer” and “ubercompositer” however i have not seen those items listed and offer that only a item of possible interest.

as i said, this happens during somewhat slower search process as i often deal with low bandwidth, however this just started happening after the last browser update. this is my first post, i hope i have not left out any necessary details.

Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed report!
I’ve seen a few reports like this but getting data on it has been difficult. Would you be able to take a screenshot/recording of the black bar appearing on your end? Would help us get a better idea of what’s going on as well as good data to include in an issue should one be filed.

Also, in the title you say that this happens in Chrome as well which points to an issue that may have been inherited with a Chromium update. Is there any difference between the way this issue presents in Brave vs in Chrome?

thank you for your response, i believe i have had updates to both chrome and brave browsers about the time i started having this issue, i cannot say for sure which one would have caused the problem.

the issue is exactly the same with chrome as it is with brave, solid black screen immediately below the search window. i will see if i can take a screenshot, but thats a pretty good description.

i have tried to post two videos illustrating this issue
(chrome and brave browser) but am prevented because “new users are not permitted to post attachments”.
if someone can remove the restriction i will post the videos.
thank you.

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Can you try update your Brave to the latest version 1.0.84 and see if the issue still persist?

thank you, i have already done that about an hour ago. same problem.
brave 1.0.84

Thanks for the response, sorry for my delay. Don’t worry about the videos, I just answered several other users reporting the same thing. If it’s a chromium issue this will likely be addressed in the very next update. I will file an issue for it if needed but I think that we’ll get this fixed “for free”.

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