Black font color for extension notifications

Since yesterday I had a weird issue with the color of the font for the extension notifications image above. I didn’t download any new extensions or did anything to change the color but with some fiddling i figured out that the when i change the i change from dark mode to light mode it changes the font color back to white. What i mean is that in the light mode the font is white like it was before and in dark mode it changes to black which is beardly readable also I always use dark mode so i don’t know what happened that it changed to black font. is there a way to make the font white again like it was before without changing to light mode? And sorry for my bad english.


@yuri1616 I think this happened after yesterday’s update. Try this :

Open brave://flags/, search for color and enable Pervasive system accent color as in image below.

Tried it and it didn’t work any other ideas?


@yuri1616 Toggling ON/OFF “Show Accent” (see image) seems to have an effect on the color of extensions numbers. NB. I use Window 11

Yeah that did it Thank you!

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