Brave & Torrent download

Hi there,
I download a lot of torrent and I use Brave desktop (Windows 10) daily.
On most websites when trying to download a torrent for the first time it works well for the first two or three downloads. Then, starting from the fourth download, I see this screen (image 1). So I need to click on “Save .torrent file”, it works. Then, starting from the fifth download I see the black screen but when click on “Save .torrent file” I get this pop-up (image 2) making it impossible to download more torrent with this Brave session. The torrent is a .torrent file and if this last torrent was the first one to be downloaded of my session it would have worked.
To fix that I’m forced to open Google Chrome to download the torrent files…

Is there a solution for that please? thanks

No one to help on that one?

really no one? am I the only one to encounter this issue??