Webtorrent - not downloading

I was trying to go to a torrents download site and using the tor private brave browser to download. I was led to believe that webtorrent was installed and would automatically download. However my bit torrent was fired up when I clicked on download the magnet link - this opened a separate window which wasn’t tor. I deleted bit torrent and now no torrent download software opens at all. I checked extensions and webtorrent isn’t installed. I went to google webstore and there is no torrent extensions to download. Total bust! Can you advise me how to sort out this?

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Hi @Steve3,

Torrent viewer only work in normal window AFAIK. So that’s why it’s not working on Private Window and Private Window with Tor.

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Tried that and if I try and use whilst using a VPN( have hotspot shield installed), it starts the download then stops - in the normal brave browser window. Any ideas how to download using a VPN an brave browser?

@Steve3 do you mean using Hotspot Shield via the extension app or the desktop app?

It should work if you’re utilizing the desktop app but if you’re on a Linux distro, I’d understand why you ask for the extension app functionality juxtaposed with WebTorrent/

If it’s in the case of the extension app, I mentioned the same things here quite a while ago cc’ing the provider but neither of them have replied back with an answer - Discussion with Proxy / VPN providers that offer SPDY-HTTPS/2 Solutions

Perhaps you can press the ‘Invite’ button yourself and enter the support link of the provider.

Several VPN services will block the port used by torrent clients due since torrent downloads tend to “hog” the node they’re connected to.

If you try this on Chrome you should see the same behavior.

ok, think I might try opera browser which seems to have the VPN baked in so maybe avoids this issue. Brave is so quick though, will use for everything else.

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