Bitchute is not working' please help!

I am having trouble with Bitchute; it plays the video’s in super slow motion. No other site does this just Bitchute, and I have NO idea why???

I just tested without issue, how often does it occur? If you restart the browser does that change things?

Ryan: No: I have tried everything, including restarts and It won’t work. One day, about a week ago BitChute worked normally for about 20 minutes then back to the super slow motion. Everything else seems to work fine, it’s just Bitchute I am having problems with???

Rod C

Does any shield settings affect it? Possibly adjusting the Hardware Acceleration in Brave settings?

Ryan: I checked and hardware acceleration is turned on. Could it have anything to do with Google, or any social media? I don’t trust Google, and block anything and everything they try to access.


Disable Hardware Acceleration as a test. just temporarily disable shields for the site, I understand trust, just trying to debug this :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan: that did the job, but by disabling these shields, what does that leave me open to that may be undesirable?

Which shield setting fixed it?

Well: I’m not sure. Yesterday it seemed to be fixed, but that didn’t last for long. I just tried it again right now, and it’s working properly, but let’s see how long that lasts!?