Left corner tab not showing on bet365

Anyone else having problems with the bet365 website? some tabs do not appear in brave, but in google chrome yes

Could you add a couple of comparative screenshots?

Can you paste/screenshot the blocked items in shields (ads/trackers) @cauet

Hello there,

first of all, sorry i don’t have a solution for your issue.

But please sir, let me give you an advice.
I’ve been studying statistics and also working as a bookie 12+ years.

Please don’t waste any of your money there!

Because it absolutely doesn’t matter if you’re a specialist in soccer, tennis, horse racing, dog racing or even 100m-sprint-with-big-boobed-girls-in-high-heels (you can really bet on that).

You can’t beat the average on long term(and ultimately not the law of big numbers). And even if, you would still have to compensate the bookie’s advantage of 2-25+%.

Don’t throw away your money!

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thanks for the support and for your valuable opinion, i will follow your advice.

Does disabling shields help? @cauet

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I tested it and it worked, thanks for the help

(with shields UP), add the following into brave://adblock

bet365.com##+js(acis, tmx_post_session_params_fixed) then refresh the bet365 tab. Does that help? @cauet

where would i put this? I’m new in brave

In your menu:


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