Best way to copy profile from Nightly to Beta

I just installed Brave nightly b/c of the vertical tabs, and it is surprisingly stable, so I will stick with this until vertical tabs moves to Brave Beta.

When I install Beta, is there a way that Brave can automatically copy my bookmarks, passwords, and (possibly) even addons from my Nightly profile? Or could I do that manually? How so?

Well, all you need to do is to change folder name from brave-browser-nightly to brave-browser-beta.

I don’t know why you would want to use Beta, Nightly has worked 99.9% stable, only sometimes it has crashed for some stuff, but then fixed quickly. But it is nice to see features being developed and how they make changes and all that.

You can either copy Default folder or the whole user data\brave-browser-nightly and just rename the copy.

It’s the same files, and browser should adapt itself and don’t cause trouble most of the time since stuff is either ignored or removed, like, If Beta doesn’t support something, it will ignore the setting and maybe even remove it like vertical tabs.


Thanks. I’ll do that when the time comes.

As far as why, yeah I know, every Nightly I’ve tried (Edge & Firefox) has been surprisingly stable, but I don’t feel a need for new features, and occasionally I have found bugs so I do prefer something a bit more stable–saves me some time trying to troubleshoot.