Import data from brave nightly to brave

Unfortunately, for me, it doesn’t look like an option to import data from brave nightly to brave or vice-versa. Also, there isn’t any option to import data from any brave browser to another browser like opera, google chrome or firefox, Yandex, etc.

I am using brave nightly for my regular workflow for about 3 months now and I do hold a lot of data like bookmarks, history, and extensions in it. My concern here is there is no import option to import from brave nightly to the regular brave.

I want to import everything there can be imported. What can I do?

Also, at last, I wanna know is there any cloud sync (sync everything to your server like chrome, firefox, etc.) available for brave nightly or any brave release type (brave beta, brave dev, brave). It does help if there is any such type of feature.

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