Duplicated profile with some specifics datas

Hello community, Support.
I’m looking for the best method to duplicate a profile.

I created a profile for dedicated use, with some add-ons, favorites, grouped tab (vertical tabs). It’s a complex working environment, it took me more than 1h30 to develop it. Half of that time is related to Brave browser features.
I need to create 23 more identical profiles. The notable difference between each profile: logins and passwords (and therefore associated cookies). Everything else will be identical to the reference profile.
One by one, it’s a lot of work and a lot of time.

What solutions do you recommend to save time starting from a general idea, which would be a “replication” with the least possible disadvantages?

Thanks in advance to the community and support for your help.

Copy and paste Default, which will be called Default(1) or whatever, so rename it Master or something to keep a backup, now copy and paste and rename Master to Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3 an so on until Profile 24, go to Brave and create the profiles, it will use the same folder with the same data and only update the name on it and add it to Brave’s localstate file which is the file that controls every profile.
All that matters in individual profiles are the Preferences file and Secured Preferences, anything else seems like you want different, logins, cookies and all that, so you could just copy and paste those files if you already created the profiles, other place holds settings only Preferences, Secured Preferences and LocalState which is globally = for all profiles.
Then you copy and paste also bookmarks file, and Sessions folder if you want tabs opened and all that.

You can also manually add the profiles by editing the LocalState file which is a simple JSON file, and edit stuff and all that, and make it easier to administrate it, but that’s more work than it is worth.

I did it once for 60, not complicated, the thing is they will not be kept the same, you could still sync some settings and extensions and all that between profiles, there is no issues with that, but not many settings are synched and less Brave specific.
I did it with all the minimun I needed, so I didn’t have to re-copy a lot of data, I only needed 1 extensions across all 60 profiles. it was easy, just rename them properly and next time you create a profile it will pick those folders.