BATS not credited from Brave publishers

@steeven I have brave publisher. It says 6.35 BAT credited on 10th Sept but it is not credited. I don’t see any transaction of that amount in my uphold account on that date or even nearby dates.
This is not credited. Please help.

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What’s the email linked to your account?

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@steeven mail is

Hi @gbnavapara, let me know if you don’t receive your payment this week.

@steeven I haven’t yet received it. Actually I never received anything from Brave Publisher but this time it was showing credied but there was no transaction in Uphold. and It seems this month also it is not received.

Hi @gbnavapara, payments will begin to process soon.


@steeven Start plz my brave publishers no deposit bat in my uphold

could someone block this guy account as it could lead to miss understanding and people think he is the real steeven

@Mattches @steeven @Aa-ron

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Hi @steeven
How many likes to you don´t ban my Brave Account?

how long payment send bro ? pls update


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