I have not received the july bats in my uphold and the bats were discounted

I am reviewing and they did not deposit me in Uphold, they deducted the bat that I made in July and then they changed the date of the next payment.

Here below you can see a photo of what appears to me. It is the first time and I am worried.

I have been with this profile since May.

My best friend also has the same problem.

@steeven !423423


Por lo que estoy viendo son muchos en la misma situacion, cuidado y no la mayoria. Tanto de habla hispana como ingles.


Payments are still processing. Let me know if you don’t receive by tomorrow.

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Thank you very much @steeven. I have already received all the deposits. Long live the great Brave browser!

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I still haven’t received my rewards from July either. Even though they were discounted and the count for the new month started. @steeven what can I do?

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