Publisher creators account unpaid balance

Whats happening with brave publishers? Its been 2 months now that I am not receiving my brave publishers account balance and you guys is dificult to contact.

Please tell me this can be resolve. I still have faith in you guys.

Hi @rafbala, what’s the email linked to your account? Please DM. Thanks!

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It is

Hello @steeven, I have not received BAT for the second month, please check what is the reason? Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. It is and I usually receive BAT from my uphold account from brave but I am not recieving my BAT balance from my publishers account that isassociated with this email even its verified. Im wondering how we can fix this

@rafbala - did you receive your payout this month?

Yes but i only received 9 BAT. I suppose to receive 16 BAT

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