"@BravePublishers" vs "Uphold Member"

There are 2 kinds of credit that I receive in BAT via Uphold.

  • @BravePublishers sent you x BAT”

  • “Uphold Member Sent you x BAT”

  1. Are they both the earnings that I receive by viewing brave sponsored adds?
  2. Do sponsored images contribute to my earnings? (as I don’t see them reflecting in “Estimated Earnings so far this month” field)

Nahi bhai saab ek hi hai vo log alag alag account se bhejte hai kyuki kisi ek account me bats ni hote hai to dushre account se bhejte hai!

Kyu sahi kaha na bhai? @Rohit552

Google translate :- No, brother everything is the same, they send from different accounts, because if there are buts in one account, they send from another account!

am I right brother? @Rohit552


Bat you receive from @Brave publishers is for your referral bonus.

Bat you receive from Uphold is for the rewards you earned by watching ads in browsers.

BTW, yes you will get some bat for watching sponsored images in browsers as well.

Did anyone get this month’s payout?

Yes muje mil gaya mera payment 6 tarik ko

Google translator :- Yes I received my payment
on 6 tarik

I received my payment for brave ads but the creator payment starts tomorrow

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Hi there I received payment from Brave Publishers. But from uphold not yet. Do uphold will still send payment?

that payment starts tomorrow look and thread here they will keep you informed

yes but i dont understand if uphold member will still for processing? because I already received payment from brave publisher

Are you sure that the payment you received was not the one for ads? That payment was made on the 5th and that of creators is tomorrow, although if he received it, then excellent

i didn’t recieve any of the payments

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