My rewards keeps disappearing

I downloaded this app few days back and I noticed the first set of reward I got just disappeared. I also noticed same thing today. I was on 1 bat but by the time I will view an ads and check my balance I could only see 0.050 bat. I noticed my wallet doesn’t update my bat. I have to go through settings to view it. Please what wrong

did you claimed your bat ?

I didn’t, it says it until I get to 24bat is when I can verify my wallet.

then idk why
hope someone from the team help you

I am still waiting to be attended to

could you help him here @steeven

he is one of the team hope he help you and fix your issue and have a nice day both of you

Thank you sir. Really appreciate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

you welcome :slight_smile:

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