BAT being sent with auto deposit off


Not sure if this is the right place but Uphold sent me here. I have my auto-deposit turned off for my BAT rewards. I checked and my BAT has been sent back to Brave Publishers. Any idea why this is happening?

Nothing here? Can I get some help please!

Hi, this happened to me this month too. I have 4 devices all synced and checked all auto contributions are off but somehow Brave still withdrew all my BAT 17 days ago. I had to apologise to my friends for recommending the browser after it happened to them too :frowning: I emailed support but no confirmation receipt so not sure if its actually a thing. Any help from Brave staff is greatly appreciated.

Glad to hear I’m not alone with this. I triple checked to make sure I had turned it off and it was. Made me feel like I was going crazy.

Same here, triple check all devices, they are all synced anyway so shouldn’t be able to be different. Not sure how we get Brave staff to comment on this. I emailed support@brave in case that is a thing, didn’t get a delivery failure but also didn’t get a reply. The refunds@brave emails an auto response saying it’s closed.

how do you get attention from support on here? this is where Uphold customer support sent me…