BAT transfer in Brave Wallet - Feature Request

I have been using Brave for around 6-7 months for now and I have collected about 24 BAT. But due unavailability of wallets in my region (Uphold and Gemini in India), I would like to suggest a feature to the that is-

Transfer of BAT from Brave Rewards directly to Brave Wallet. I would love to see this feature. You guys can take off some BAT for transaction fee. This feature will no lt only help the community but also there won’t be any need for external wallets.

What i mean to say is, we can directly transfer BAT to our brave wallet unlike now, where you have to buy crypto and then it will be added in the wallet.

I think this would be way to efficient and easy and a game changing update.

Please do think about this.
Thank you

Hey, this feature has been in the talks since a long time.
I’ll suggest you that you read this short answer →

In this I’ve tried to explain why this feature isn’t possible.

Also you can get more details at the page below →

This is technically happening next year. However, unless things change, you’ll still have to KYC/AML with a custodial partner like Uphold or Gemini if you want to send it anywhere or withdraw it. That said, Rewards is being moved over to be part of Brave Wallet rather than two completely separate entities.

India is still supported by both I believe. Issue right now is on Brave’s end and will be getting added again. It’s just taking them (Brave) forever to get things resolved. Believe it or not, Brazil and India are the top priorities to be added again.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Our pesky governments have made laws and are trying to heavily regulate cryptocurrency. While Brave could get money transmitter license(s), collect all users personal information for KYC/AML, report all of your earnings and personal information to the government, etc…it just would be too costly and introduce a lot of risks for both Brave and Users.

Having us use third party exchanges like Uphold or Gemini gives an extra layer of protection for everyone. I know a lot of people don’t recognize this, but the more we break up data the better. I mean, can you imagine Brave having all of these extreme details about everyone? It would be paradise for governments and hackers, where you can have everyones ID/passport, social security numbers, bank accounts, browser history, location, user names, password, and much more all gathered into one place. By spreading it out, it makes people jump through more hoops and even if there ever is an issue in regards to a data breach or anything, they’ll only be able to get a small portion of any of that data.

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Thank you for answering and all the knowledge shared :+1:t2:

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Waiting for this. Would be great if it actually happened

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Wah. This whole thing is very nicely written. Thanks for sharing it. And hats off to Brave for being diligent towards User Privacy & Data Security.