How can i tip my Bat from unverified wallet

Hi everyone. I live in Germany and Uphold isn’t supported here anymore. I still have some Bat . Now i want to tip these to some Creator. How could i do it. Because I can only chose to tip monthly . Could someone explain for me. thank you in advance


This article will explain how tipping works with Brave Rewards:


Hi Evan123.
I just read the article you posted. But it doesn’t mention about the case if im unverified. So my question is that the creator still get my tip even im unverified or?

Thank you in advance

Yes, this should work.


This is because tipping works the same regardless of whether you’re verified. The only exception to that phrase is that you can’t tip cross-exchange/cross-custodial. What I mean by that is let’s say I have a YouTube for my Creators and it’s linked to Uphold. You then come along and want to tip me, but your Rewards is connected to Gemini. It won’t let you tip me at that point.

However, in that same situation, let’s say you never verified. You can now tip ANY Creator, regardless of whether they are Uphold or Gemini.

thank you i will try.

Nice. Oh, one little thing. you’ll need to actually have the amount already earned/claimed. It won’t take tips out of Estimated Earnings to my knowledge. I just wanted to clarify that in case there might be any misunderstanding or issue with that when you try.

thank you i will try. and maybe you know , how could i tip once time. Because i have only one option to tip monthly. thank you so much

Do you have any particular person you’re wanting to tip? You have to go to their website and then the little Triangle on top where you see your BAT, it will have a Tip button when you click/tap on it.

When you do this, make sure you pay very close attention to who it says the Creator is. Like here on this site, it sees it as Brave. So you would tip Brave. It also happens to show Brave is a Verified Creator.

However, let’s look at Reddit to show you why I say it’s important to look.

BAT Project - Brave 7_25_2022 1_04_06 PM

When I visited this group, the Tip option was for, which is Unverified. If I went to send the tip, it wouldn’t go through to any one person. In fact, since they aren’t a Verified Creator, they won’t receive the tip and the BAT will be stuck in limbo for at least 90 days.

Sometimes when you go to Reddit profiles or even YouTube, it will default to show ONLY Reddit or YouTube. So make sure before you send the tip, it shows that person’s username there. Such as if I navigated better on Reddit to the person’s content:

Bauzzzz (u_Bauzzzz) - Reddit - Brave 7_25_2022 1_07_09 PM

So now I’d know if I went to send, it would send it to Bauzzzz and not Reddit. It also lets me see that he’s a Verified Creator.

In any case, getting to that, we’d hit Send Tip and it opens a window like so:

You notice how there’s a toggle/tab on the right hand side that allows you to choose One-Time Tip or Monthly? You’d make sure One-Time Tip is selected, then choose your amount. There’s the default numbers or you can click on Custom Tip Amount and put any amount you want.

If you’re not sure if somebody is a verified creator or not, goto

scroll all the way down

you also can perform a search there

yes . i think that is the problem i have. i still didn’t claim the BAT.

Hi Saoiray. Could you maybe show me how to claim my Bat . Thank you so much

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