BAT Rewards Not Appearing In Browser Wallet

After using the Brave Browser for about 6 weeks, I have not seen any Rewards sent to my BAT wallet in the Browser.

I have confirmed that Ads are enabled (currently set at 5 per hour)
I am visiting Brave Verified Publisher websites
I am using Windows 10
I’m not sure of the Brave Browser version I am using, but as mentioned, downloaded it about 6 weeks ago.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide in helping me ensure my settings are configured properly to receive rewards.

@jerryh0707 You can only receive rewards if you receive ads notification and visit the ads website. Also, rewards can be gotten from free grants given to Brave users at any point in time so if you have zero BAT balance, it is because you have not performed any task that rewards you with BAT. Hope you are okay with the explanation?

Thanks @iznai.

I understand. I opted in to the ads (as I have them set at 5 per hour). However, I have not seen any ads pop up or appear yet to be able to click through to visit those sites. I know Brave is built on Chromium (Google Chrome) and I imported my bookmarks. I wonder if in doing so, I also imported an ad blocker extension I had previously installed on my Chrome browser and therefore not seeing those ads?

I have the same issue, I don’t see any ads notifications, thus I can’t view them, but, I have 9 BAT (not sure where 6 BAT is coming from, which are in the status PENDING PAYOUTS - Payout In Progress

Brave version is up to date: Version 0.63.55 Chromium

Hi @jerryh0707,

For now, the Brave ads is not available in all regions. If I may ask, what region are you in?

Hey @iznai, I’m in the United States. Are the Brave Ads & Rewards available in the U.S.?

How do you see what’s pending? Thanks.

I have been successfully viewing adds and accumulating BAT only to find that none of it transferred to my wallet. I did not import any of my chrome settings. I’m in U.S central.