Bat rewards disappeared

Help please! My Brave rewards have disappeared. It has started counting again and a new payment date appeared. My August BAT has gone and the payment date of 5th August has changed to 5th September and I can’t see my original BAT rewards. Hope that makes sense. can anybody advise me what happened?

Same has been happening to me this month. The numbers are constantly changing. 2 weeks ago I had somewhere around 75 Ad Notifications Received. After a weekend, it dropped to ~45. These weird drops have been seeming to happen every other day now. Even yesterday I was back to being in the 70’s, and now I’m at 68. WTH?

please just restore the wallet key and restart device

How do we do that, because the wallet was simply there in Brave. I didn’t see anywhere to get wallet keys? Can you advise please.

You have to quit Brave and restart/relaunch it. It did that and I can see my old BAT again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help…it worked :slight_smile:

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