Bat rewards disappeared

Help please! My Brave rewards have disappeared. It has started counting again and a new payment date appeared. My August BAT has gone and the payment date of 5th August has changed to 5th September and I can’t see my original BAT rewards. Hope that makes sense. can anybody advise me what happened?

Same has been happening to me this month. The numbers are constantly changing. 2 weeks ago I had somewhere around 75 Ad Notifications Received. After a weekend, it dropped to ~45. These weird drops have been seeming to happen every other day now. Even yesterday I was back to being in the 70’s, and now I’m at 68. WTH?

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please just restore the wallet key and restart device

How do we do that, because the wallet was simply there in Brave. I didn’t see anywhere to get wallet keys? Can you advise please.

You have to quit Brave and restart/relaunch it. It did that and I can see my old BAT again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help…it worked :slight_smile:

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