BAT rewards aren't being adding despite seeing ads

If you are unable to or have stopped seeing Brave Ads, please read through the following posts first to ensure that basic troubleshooting steps are checked:

After reading the above, if you’re still having trouble viewing ads, please answer the following:

Are you able to receive general desktop/push notifications?
You can test this by visiting and forcing a push notification to appear.

Are you in a supported region (if so, which one)? yes, united states
Check and confirm that you are in an applicable region

Give us a brief description of the ads behavior you’re seeing Since updating the brave browser, i’ve been seeing ads but haven’t had any BAT tokens being added.

What OS/Brave version are you using? V1.20.103
Please copy/paste the top 3 lines of your brave://version page

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Hello @AMPire201

please check this

and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Does this also apply to the desktop browser version? I thought it was only the phone app. The desktop version was working but then stopped.

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only for ios

the desktop should be ok

which os/platform you use for your desktop?

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I’m using macos with big sur. I update the brave browser a few days ago and haven’t received any bat rewards despite seeing ads regularly. Just stays at the same level without increasing.

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is that sponosor image ads or notification ads ?

if it image one then here some rule for it

  1. there max 4 ads per hours and 20 per day
  2. not all image will reward all user from all country it depend on what the advertiser choose

if it ads from notification ads could you send screen shoot of one of those ads when you got it and try to record the number of seen ads before and after getting it from here brave://rewards/

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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May I ask, Why I can not get brave rewards after seeing ads through notifications ads. I am currently used windows 10. The brave rewards was work with only the first 8 ads and after that it does not work anymore. Do you have any recommendations ? Thank you

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what you mean with it does not work anymore

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In Brave browser, I have choose 1 hour ads setting, so they can ads in each 1 hour. However, the ads just gave me 8 times rewards for the first 8 ads that I have been open. For the others ads that I have seen does not gave me any reward anymore. Do you have any solution ? Thank you

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first make sure you on the latest version of brave and check this one also

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Thank you for the solution justsomeone1

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you very welcome :slight_smile:

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