BAT not receiving for ads ( Windows, Android)

I am using Brave browser for both PC and Android

Issues in Android: When i see or click ads, i don’t receive BAT. It’s stuck at 12.250 BAT in my balance

Issues in PC: Same problem with PC. It’s stuck at 0.000 BAT. No matter how much ads come, its not updating in my balance

Notification issue: I have turned on “Notification ads” in my Brave rewards settings but i don’t receive any ad notifications (App notifications are turned on, cleared cache - nothing worked)

Briefly describe your issue:

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)

@vishwanthS any particular reason why you chose to ignore these? Big question here is if you’re connected to a custodial account?

You get nothing for clicking

Windows 11, latest Brave version on both Android and PC

Custodian: Zebpay

saying about custodian was redundant to my issue. I have problem in updation of BAT to my balance in my Brave app

how will I earn BAT then?

Not at all. You can’t earn BAT if you aren’t connected to a custodial partner. So if you aren’t connected to something like Uphold, then you wouldn’t earn. Hence why it’s a pretty big question to ask for your devices. Especially as you mention that your PC isn’t earning anything.

And the reason why people ask about things like which version of Brave you’re using is because if it’s outdated by much, you can have issues. Having people answer “the latest” when asked this question often hasn’t been helpful either.

Why? Because is the “the latest your device can install” but your device is no longer supported? Or is it “the latest version of Release,” “latest version of Beta,” or even “latest version of Nightly.” So having specific version numbers given helps make sure that we know which of the channels of Brave you’re using and allows confirmation it’s indeed up to date.

Like you notice how you didn’t share which version of Android? So could be Android 7 which can’t update. Then you saying “the latest” is just saying you can’t update anymore, so it’s the latest usable.

Yes, it’s annoying, but just trying to stress this point and why it’s being asked.

We earn BAT just by having the ads show, that’s it.

So just to confirm here, the PC is connected to ZebPay? If you go to brave://rewards and then click on 30-day Ads History, does anything show up?

And balance that’s at 0.00 is the Earnings so far portion or you looking at your actual balance?

iam sorry for not specifying, thought mentioning “latest version” would suffice


in Smartphone:
Android version : 13

Brave private web browser ( not beta, nightly or anything ): version 1.61.100

in my laptop:
Windows 11
Brave browser: version


Yeah, just good for clarification. Been multiple times now people said “latest version” but then they weren’t, or they were speaking other channel. So now I just no longer assume and make sure to get number.

You didn’t answer the rest of the stuff.

I have the same issue also , I haven’t got a single deposit in my zebpay account for the last 3 months now. I used to have like 30-40 BAT coin before also but after connecting to zebpay account everything just disappeared and I was just left with 0 balance.

@SSingha yours sounds slightly different. The balance would have gone to 0 when you connected and then it should have been sent over. If it didn’t appear in that following month, then there’s definitely an issue. The primary assumption, especially if you haven’t received any payments at all since connecting, would be that your account is flagged.

Regardless, missing payments should always be addressed via a Rewards Support Ticket at

The questions I’m asking OP is because their situation is differing compared to a lot of people. Even people who were flagged but using ZebPay have been seeing estimated earnings but then not receiving payments. OP is claiming they are seeing ads but then nothing being earned. I’m just having to better understand where they are looking and what they are doing.

Btw, with it being the end of the year and pretty much us getting right into Christmas and New Years, be advised there may be some delays in responses on tickets.

Yeah my account was flagged for 1-2 week i think after I connected my zebpay for the first time , then after that my flagged status got removed and I was able to connect my zebpay again. Also yeah I sending a ticket then right now.

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