Not Receiving BAT for clicking on Ads

I am receiving Brave ads however no matter how many I click on and view, I am not receiving any BAT in my wallet. I dont see any pending BAT either and none of the sites I click are logging under the recent activity in my wallet. Any help would be appreciated! I use Brave on my desktop and it works just fine. But I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks on my Galaxy Note 9 and clicked on hundreds of ads and received 0 BAT.

I’d like to start earning BAT for my browsing and
for watching/clicking on Ads.

I’m running Brave version:

On my Galaxy Note 9

Everything looks like it should work, I walked through all of the steps when I downloaded it. I did notice on the mobile app it didnt prompt me to create a secure wallet like it did on the desktop version, maybe this has something to do with it? Or is there possibly an issue with my phones settings. Please help.


I am also not getting anything in my wallet from looking at brave ads.
I am on an iPad with brave version 1.13

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