Getting ads but not receiving BAT for it

I’m using brave no matter what whether you guys rewards us for it or not but i just read an article that brave is supporting India again (Zeboay) so i wanted to tell you guys I’ve been receiving ads all this time but i wasn’t getting compensated for it so is this was an temporary issue or there’s something wrong with my brave let me know.

@Majestiiic You only earn BAT if you are connected to a custodial partner. Otherwise if you have Brave Rewards (Brave Ads) turned on but not connected, then it will remain in Creator Support Only mode. This means you’ll view ads so that Creators will be able to receive BAT but you’ll not see it yourself and won’t be able to specifically choose who gets it.

This had been announced when the system changed at the start of this year. For example, articles like And if you also missed it, the sunsetting of vBAT also was announced, which you can see at

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