Bat is not increasing 20 may

Receiving notification advertisement and sponsored image but bat is not increasing. Both in my Android mobile and Windows 10 PC. Is there any maintenance. @steeven #feedback


same problem here! catalog is still showing tons of ads, still 0.000 bat today… Maintenance?


Which do you live in and how much you paid for each notification ad and sponsored image advertisement

i can confirm that also on my side ads counter work fine but the estimated BAT does not
using builtin wallet on linux with latest version of brave

@tmancey could you check that

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

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Same problem here, still ads , and 0.000 bats for more than a week , and also said there is more bats and them the amount is not the same when goes to the criptowallet, what hapened ?

kind of the same here, I didn’t notice much but when I do the refresh for new page small ads, then also bat not increasing. I think they working on the payments which wasn’t transferred from last month 100%

Same here for me. Seeing ads but rewards not increasing “BAT”

Hi all, please see . There was a partial ads outage yesterday that was resolved this morning.

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@steeven If it’s resolved why but rewards still the same? :frowning: any good luck for us?

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