Wallet not increasing

My BAT is not increasing from last 2 days.
Infact, the ads are not counted.

I’ve started using Brave on March 5 2021.


i do have the same problem + could not claim my Rewards from February into my BAT wallet

Now, it is working fine.

I have the same issue. How did you get yours to work again?

I have the same problem, if you now the solution it would be perfect!

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Hi. I’ve used brave for a few years but brave rewards wasn’t available in my country until recently, and ever since it became available I’ve been subscribed to it and set up a wallet and all.
I also sync my devices, currently my PC, a notebook, my phone and a tablet, but every device shows a different amount, and my phone and my tablet even show 0 BAT accumulated, and I’ve seen a LOT of ads, every ad that I’m shown I watch it…
Please help!

I have the same problem

It started working fine by itself. I didn’t do anything.

I have the same issue, my BAT is not increasing and didn’t get to claim rewards from March.

Tried resetting, reinstall nothing turning Ads Off & On, airplane mode, nothing works.

Thanks is advance for the help.

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