BAT got reduced

My estimated pending BAT got reduced from 4.1 BAT to 2.755 BAT

Same happened here. Can someone explain how that’s possible? The amount of viewed advertisements doesn’t seem to be less, so how can the estimated reward for this month(July) have been reduced?

If you are on recent version reduced BAT could be because of this. Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27

We don’t know that. Brave won’t verify that.

  • “I lost my BAT”
    “Probably y’know, that bug. It hasn’t disappeared. It was just fixed.”
  • “What do you mean, ‘fixed’?! No one told me it needed fixing. I DIDN’T think IT NEEDED FIXING! (deep breath) Brave didn’t tell me anything. This is so sudden.”
    “Well that’s what I’m telling you. It’s a fix. Nothing’s gone, because it never existed”
  • “Why should I believe you? So I just wake up one day and my money’s gone and never existed?!”
    “Yes. The earnings were wrong. Non-existent. Fake. Worthless”
  • “This is RIDICULOUS! This is the 2nd time this happened in as many months, and it’s mighty convenient isn’t it?!”
    “Well what can you do about it anyway? You can’t. So just accept it: you. had. no. money. Zilch.”
  • “So whatever I have left - this new earnings, is it real?”
    “Yeps, as real as Brave wants it to be.”
  • “What do you mean?”
    “I mean, who knows when Brave will decide your earnings needed more fixing.”

(to be continued …) (at an indeterminate patch version in the future…)

(Edit: to clarify, it wasn’t the balance, it was the estimated earnings)

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@ronald2 Ngl I actually enjoyed reading this

Hey @ronald2 !

Just a slight correction, we haven’t changed the Balance counter, only the estimated earnings counter :slight_smile:


Right, my bad. All references to balances were changed to earnings instead. But “estimated earnings” is a bit of a mouthful, so “earnings” it is. (sorry)

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