Bring back my Bat Asset (Reduced or Stolen?)

I have 3 bat Estimated earnings for this month but after I checked my bat was reduced to 1.7 bat. I know this is just a small number of bat but the clicks behind it. I’ve enjoyed clicking your ads but in the end they just reduced it. this is not acceptable… I need a valid explanation from brave.

Recent info (via chriscat):

Hello BAT & Brave Rewards community!

We wanted to give you a heads up about an update to Brave Rewards that is coming in v1.27 of Brave (both desktop and Android). Starting in Brave v1.27, the “Estimated Pending Rewards” counter has been renamed “Current earnings this month (estimated)” , and will now more clearly show your estimated pending rewards for the current month.


if it is a bug then you have to reimburse the fund that was missing? I think many users will be happy if you do this. This incident may a have a big impact on the brave community and if you are aware many users complaint about this. I hope you have other solutions regarding this missing fund incident.

It is because of the new update. There is nothing to worry about.

They have changed a few settings that makes the BATs disappear from the tab but it is not removed from your account. The old BATs are still yours and shall be credited to your Uphold Account in the upcoming month.

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