Can I assume my BAT is gone?

A month ago I connected my brave account with uphold. I had 110BAT which went to 3.905 (the rewards from last month). I have since waited for it to come back while I have been told Brave is working on a fix. I thought they may come back when I would receive my next set of rewards.

I received the rewards today and unfortunately, none of my original BAT came back.

I made a post prior about it here: BAT Gone after Verifying over: 110BAT

I have used brave for over 2 years and never had an issue until I connected it to Uphold and it all disappeared. Pretty disappointing since I checked through all my reward history and it is all still there, auto-contribute is off and no tips have ever been made.


Thank you for reaching out.
I apologize for the lack of response to your previous post. Since this issue will likely involve looking at sensitive data, I’m going to send you a DM to continue the conversation.

Continued in DM.