Bat gone after linking to Gemini

Hello, I recently linked my Brave wallet to Gemini and my BAT immediately went to zero. I didn’t transfer it or do anything on my end, so, I just assumed this is how it’s supposed to work and waited for it to show up in Gemini.

It has now been over seven days and I have no BAT in Gemini or in my Brave wallet. Where has my BAT gone? I’ve already contacted Gemini support and they’ve been less than helpful. I also reached out to the BAT team on reddit. Someone was supposed to be looking into it for me but I haven’t heard anymore about it. It was suggested to try here. There is absolutely nothing on Gemini’s end to indicate a pending transfer or time frame or anything. Incredibly frustrating experience.

Can someone please look into this? I have three other devices with over a years worth of BAT sitting in unverified wallets that I’m now afraid to link to Gemini

Thank you

Brave Creators Payout Status for Uphold and Gemini wallets :yellow_circle: Payouts Pending
Payouts will begin to process on November 13th.

Once you’ve connected either your uphold or gemini account, be patient, don’t delete anything, payouts should arrive today or for the next cycle. The gemini or uphold account would need to have already been KYCed.

For the record, my 75 bat is missing too. Decided to connect to my verified gemini account today… I suspect the amount has been added to the hundreds of other pending transactions going on now. All we can do now is wait. I tried tipping my personal creator account that owns a zero balance also can’t seem to receiving tips…

Good luck everyone. Tons of people having these issues now. Smh brave…

I’m not a creator, not sure if that affects anything. My Gemini account is verified and KYCed.

I understand things take time, but it’s been seven days already. If that is normal then no problem, but the lack of transparency on what is going on is disconcerting. You link your account, see all your BAT disappear and there is no transparency on either end on what’s going on. A simple “transaction pending” on Gemini’s end or “this could take a few weeks” on Braves end would clear up most of these posts here.

As it stand right now, I have no clue if I have a problem or if everything is ok and I just need to be patient

Brave blocked withdraw from Gemini. just waiting man. Praying for your BAT is safe :joy::joy::joy:.

Update Nov 23rd. The BAT rewards never hit my account. ALL REWARDS ARE LOST UPON CONNECTING TO GEMINI. DO NOT USE GEMINI FOR CONNECTING BRAVE REWARDS! Better off starting fresh with KYC with uphold before generating rewards, otherwise any new BAT rewards may be lost on reactivation.

All my rewards are also lost once I connected uphold. This is horrible. No one seems to be helping us. This is the worst I have witnessed in four years of using crypto and privacy apps within the space. I am about to write up a journalism piece about how unethical this experience is so that people know not to invest in BAT or the two linked account companies.

I have also had the exact same experience.

Finally got my gemini account verified, then linked it to brave and my BAT from the last year is all gone.

After this experience, I sold all my BAT on coinbase. This is fishy to me.