Bat earning has stopped

For about 2 weeks the BAT rewards has just stopped .Not getting any ads at all either, I’ve checked the settings and everything is fine. I’m just wondering if there is something I missed or if I need to delete and re-download Brave.

I’m with the same issue! You already figured out how to fix?

I have this happened since Feb 2022, check your wallet. Mine said I need to verify my ID with uphold, but uphold said my id is verified and other devices BAT still came thru. Just the PC browser did not go thru

having same issue since this month counter has stuck

EXACTLY the same issue.

Hey go to brave://flags and Enable pop up ads and Enable push notificaions .
If this also does not work.
Enable both the options if disabled.
If it enabled already disable and enable again.
If you have anymore problem please DM
Thank you

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I found the Enable Push Notifications (enabled it) but I can’t find the Enable Pop Up Ads. Am I missing something?

Is Brave Rewards verbose logging what I’m supposed to ennable? Thank You

I am sorry its not Enable pop up ads its Allow Brave Ads to fallback from native to custom push notifications

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Found it. Thank you.

Have enabled both and have even reset my Brave wallet in case that was the problem. It seems like nothing has changed.

No , not really. Even reset their wallet just in case that was the problem. No change.

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