Bat counter stopped, they also werent transfered to my wallet

Hey there
First of all im sorry for creating a new thread for such a common topic, but i have been searching for a while and i not finding a solution to my problems

First problem is that i stopped being rewarded from the sponsored backgrounds, its been like this for 3 days


Second problem is that the bats i gathered from february to march were not transfered to my wallet, and my wallet is verified

Any help is very welcome, thank you all in advance

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It appears that you are still gaining the amount for the month of April. You have 4.65 BAT pending that will be paid out approximately on April 6th.

And March is still pending. March 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status


I don’t think so. I have the same issue. No payout for March and the date changed from March to April and in addition no new ads and no more BATs…

I hope this is just a temporary problem… really unsatisfactory.

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Once again, payments are still pending for March @Enthalpie. March 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status

In regards to you not having any new ads, do you happen to have notifications disabled for the browser? And what OS are you running on?

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If I unterstand correct payments for unverified wallets should be completed and my Wallet is not verified yet (No uphold account etc.).

No i didn’t changed anything and the ads for new tabs are also not counting. I am on Android. I also wrote Steeve a PM regarding my Account.

Thank you for your help :+1:

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I didnt change anything in the browser but how can i check the notifications that you are referring to?
Im using windows 10

You can check in the settings of brave and search for push or notification.

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What can be wrong here?

I am not sure but maybe you can try to activate it? But i think this will not solve the problem :wink:

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Push settings in Windows is what I was specifically talking about.

Here’s how you get to them:

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Im sorry, my computer is in portuguese, but i think that you can get the point, everything seems rights i guess?

I have never received brave notifications on windows though

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