BAT earned on android not credited to uphold even after wallet verification

Summary: Till date i earned 30BAT through android. i verified my wallet but no such BAT was credited to my uphold

Info: i installed brave in my windows pc in mid june and i verified my uphold account.
i received 9.4BAT into my uphold… no issue

i installed brave in my android mobile in mid june and earned 8.8BAT for june month.
As BAT i earned dint reach 25, i coudnt verify my wallet.
i earned and received 22BAT for july month which took my total BAT earned through android to 30BAT.
So i verified my wallet.
My account shows 40.2BAT (10BAT from pc + 30BAT from android)
But my uphold shows only BAT i earned through pc i.e., it dint credited with the BAT i earned through android.

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Did you have your Android Rewards wallet connected to Uphold?

yes it is. You can see it on top left corner of the screenshot i attached.

So, based on @Mattches replies on the other thread

linking wallets/transferring funds are on hold at the moment due to some system maintenance which may be the cause of the issue.

I’ll wait for another day or two.

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I too face this same problem.

I have exactly the same issue. I verified my uphold account as soon as the option became available but the BAT does not get credited to my Uphold account.

Please check this thread BAT's are not transferring to Uphold Account .

How many devices did you connect to the same uphold ?

I have the same problem like this I install the brave browser in mid june and verify my uphold this month… I received my bat from my desktop but not on my android…

three one PC and two Android devices. Neither of the Android devices get credited to uphold.

If you connect more than four devices to the same Uphold account , there seems to be problem . I don’t know how to solve it yet.

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i only have three devices connected to my uphold account. I have tried disconnecting all and reconnecting but that has not worked, are there any other steps I could try?

Right now i don’t have any solutions regarding it.

same problem @steeven said today we should get paid but havent :confused:

Hi all, this is my first post here because I am facing the same issue. I have seen now the mega thread so I’m looking forward to seeing this fixed. Thanks!

Hi all, a fix is on the way - Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.


Hey, i dont have an uphold account, I have like 40 BATs on my android, is there any chance that i can transfer them somewhere outside the rewards page?

Thank you Steeven, great news.

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