BAT gone after connecting to verified wallet Android

I verified my uphold wallet and connected to it to brave browser on my PC, that all went fine…

When I connect the wallet on my android tablet to the uphold account the BAT that was showing in the browser wallet disappeared and now only shows the uphold wallet balance.

So of course I did this on my phone also with the same result. no transaction into the uphold account - BAT just gone.

it is worth noting that neither of the Android browsers got their reward payouts last month either. Estimated rewards went to $0 and the BAT just never showed up. I had hoped connecting to my verified uphold wallet would solve this issue. Alas instead of not being paid I now lost what I had as well…

Any suggestions on what I can do to get this back?

Had the same problem with my Redmi 4 but for me it was enough to update the app. As soon as i got the latest version the new uphold balance showed and the BAT i had on the phone were transfered on the wallet. Hope this helps.

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